From time to time we will publish white papers with the intention of sharing information on sound practices for the Planning and Management of IT Infrastructure and IT Service Delivery.

The material within these papers is published free for your non commercial use. All we ask is that the source (Tech Partners Consulting at be acknowledged.

If you are using the material to derive a consulting income or professional fees, we ask that you contact us beforehand.

Also, please contact us for papers being prepared or under consideration – sometimes your requirements will prompt us to generate discussion notes and early drafts which can be to both our benefit.


The following papers have been published

TPC303 Marketing – Applying Marketing to IT Services (Whitepaper Sept 2003)

TPC302 SOE – Standard Operating Environment Explained (Whitepaper Sept 2003)

TPC301 ITIL – IT Infrastructure Library Explained (Whitepaper Sept 2003)

IT Website – Data Model

The following model is offered as a starting point for ICT departments who are planning to establish or improve their website. Click for the model diagram.