The services we provide are based around Customers, Technology, Team and Management. We assist with many aspects of ICT management including Governance; Strategy; IT Service Delivery including processes; ICT technology planning; Business management and Project management activities. Wherever possible we choose accepted (public domain) frameworks, methodologies, methods and practices as well as published standards to provide consistent service and best value to you and your organisation.

A brief summary of our services are provided here and we would be pleased to discuss these with you further.

Specialty Services

– Business and ICT Planning.
– Program and Project Management, using Prince2.
– Technology Planning, including Standards.
– IT Service Management, using ITIL and ISO IEC 20000.
– Service Delivery Modeling.
– Internal Services Marketing.
– Supply Chain Management.
– Financial and Asset Planning.
– Personnel Coaching and Mentoring.
(Summary descriptions for these specialty services are provided at the end of this page)

State Government – CUA ICTS2015 Services

As a supplier to W.A. State Government Agencies we are registered in the following categories.

A – Strategic and Business Planning Services

B – Methodology using IT Service Management (ITIL)

C – Procurement Management Services

These services to State Government are based on the previous engagement in the following services under SPIRIT.

A1003 – Business Development & Marketing.
A1004 – Corporate Governance.
A2001 – Business Process Planning.
A2004 – Technology & Network Planning.
A2006 – Desktop Environment Planning.
A2008 – Asset & Licence Planning.
A2009 – Supply Chain Management Planning.
A3001 – Methodology Planning & Implementation.
A3002 – Policies/ Procedures Development & Implementation.
A3006 – Environment & Desktop Standards & Implementation.
A3007 – Project Office Standards & Implementation.
A5001 – Contract Planning.
A5002 – Contract Formation (added Sept 2005).
A5003 – Contract Management (added Sept 2005).
A5004 – Project Management.
Tech Partners has skills beyond these categories and would consider additional registration under this CUA, to meet customer requirements.

Local Government – WALGA ICT Panel Contract

In September 2014, Tech Partners Consulting was awarded a place on the WALGA Panel Contract C016/14 as a preferred supplier of services in the category of “Consultancy – ICT Management”, where we offer consulting services in the areas of:

– Governance and Strategy
– IT Processes (using ITIL and the ISO 2000- standard)
– Project and Program Management
– Procurement and Supply Chain Consulting
– Internal Marketing
– Health Checks and Reviews
– Organisational Change Management

Descriptions of our Specialty Services

Business and ICT Planning.

We work with IT and the Business managers, to produce plans and strategies, for ICT initiatives that will assist the business functions of the organization. We help IT Service teams, ensure they follow the right project initiatives and provide the right service. We also offer an independent pencil review service to support your own planning activities.

Program and Project Management, using Prince2.

We use our management and project management experience, in conjunction with the Prince2 project management methodology, to produce works programs. These are linked to projects, financial plans, procurement and IT operations in a holistic approach, so that the best value is extracted from the program of projects.

Technology Planning, including Standards.

We use our experience in technology and management to facilitate and determine technology architectures and standards to an appropriate level. In turn, we assist organisations with selecting ICT products and services, as standards, so that economic and service benefits may be attained.

IT Service Management, using ITIL and ISO IEC 20000.

We are qualified and experienced in IT Service Management processes using either the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL v2 and v3) or the ISO IEC 20000 standard for ITSM. We can assist you with designing and implementing, some or all of the processes to a level appropriate for your organisation’s size, budget, business requirements and culture.

ITIL information available at or     ISO IEC 20000 information available from your country standards organisation or publisher.

Service Delivery Modeling.

We use a model to map out the delivery of end-to-end service, for each of your products and services. We know that many services are quite different and a clear understanding should be conveyed to reduce ambiguity and confusion.

Internal Services Marketing.

We conduct interviews and focus groups within your organisation to provide you with the knowledge of whether you are delivering the right services, and whether you are delivering them right! We help uncover emerging needs and match these with industry offerings. We also help your team define and communicate their services.

Supply Chain Management.

We apply our extensive understanding of the ICT vendor industry to help you map out procurement plans and strategies. We also offer skills to assist with tenders and negotiations, as well as induct new vendors and manage existing ones.

Financial and Asset Planning.

We are able to bridge the worlds of Technology and Finance, in order to make sense of budgeting, cost accounting and charging. We have experience in setting budgets for large IT fleet purchases as well as significant corporate software license agreements.

Personnel Coaching and Mentoring.

We have experience in managing IT personnel, gained over many years, and can assist you with recruitment, staff selections, team development and individual development. We conduct ourselves in a coaching and mentoring style, so that our help is non-threatening.